🇺🇸 🧦 🇬🇧  In 1994, I began research on hand knitting for the military during the two world wars. I spent 18 months in London, working in archives, interviewing wartime knitters &  former British prisoners-of-war who knitted in German war camps. Most fortuitously, I even had the opportunity to meet  the Queen Mother (twice!) in her role as Patroness of Queen Mary's Needlework Guild. Along the way, I collected all sorts of memorabilia - not an easy feat in pre-ebay days! - and wrote a manuscript which never saw the light of day for various reasons. However, time is passing quickly, so I feel an urgency to make this material public, starting by posting images of my collection - postcards, posters, garments, knitting needles, cases, comfort organization pins, sheet music and so on. All in hopes of getting my head back into the truly wonderful story of how women on both sides of the conflicts picked up their needles to knit for their soldiers. This page will update regularly via Instagram under the tag, 'OurBoysNeedSox' 🧦.